Virtual Group Coaching

This is a great option at a lower price point for families who are exhausted, need support, and want a personalized approach. Virtual group coaching includes a semi-private consultation (from the comfort of your own home) where you will learn how to solve your child's sleep problems. Virtual coaching groups will benefit from:

+      Information on the special sleep needs of infants and toddlers (groups separated by age of child)

+      What leading sleep experts have to say about pediatric sleep

+      Discussions about the negative impacts of disruptive sleep habits - and how to fix them!

+      Information on how to establish and fun and practical bedtime routine for your child at different ages

+      An age-based, developmentally appropriate sleep plan for your child (including naps, bedtime, and night waking)

+      Information on how to avoid common struggles & pitfalls

+      One week of personal e-mail support. This is a great way to get quick answers to any questions that come up after you've had time to digest the information and put your plan into practice.

To inquire about dates and costs for Virtual Group Coaching, please e-mail OR