Virtual Group Coaching

This is a great option at a lower price point for families who are exhausted, need support, and want a personalized approach. Virtual group coaching includes a semi-private consultation (from the comfort of your own home) where you will learn how to solve your child's sleep problems. Virtual coaching groups will benefit from:

+      Information on the special sleep needs of newborns, infants, and toddlers (groups separated by age of child)

+      What leading sleep experts have to say about pediatric sleep

+      Discussions about the negative impacts of disruptive sleep habits - and how to fix them!

+      Information on how to establish a fun and practical bedtime routine for your child at different ages

+      An age-based, developmentally appropriate sleep plan for your child (including naps, bedtime, and night waking) that you can customize to meet your family’s individual needs.

+      Information on how to avoid common struggles & pitfalls

+ Access to a private Facebook group led by me with parents in your age bracket where you can post about your sleep journey and receive support and camaraderie. This group is a safe and judgment-free zone designed to offer support and encouragement to other families facing similar sleep challenges.

+      Discounts on one-on-one support if needed as well as access to previous client pricing should you need a tune-up down the road.

To inquire about dates and costs for Virtual Group Coaching, please e-mail OR