Special Engagements

If you're looking to book a special guest at your next mom's group, offer your employees some continuing education, or just want to get together with friends for an informative evening, my group packages and community seminars are a great resource.


Group Sleep Package

This group package includes a semi-private consultation where parents with sleep challenges can get together and learn how to solve their child's sleep problems. Get together with other exhausted moms and spend the evening learning about sleep solutions. Included in the group package is:

+      Information on the special sleep needs of infants and toddlers

+      What leading sleep experts have to say about pediatric sleep

+      Discussions about the negative impacts of disruptive sleep habits - and how to fix them!

+      Information on how to establish and fun and practical bedtime routine for your child at different ages

+      An age-based, developmentally appropriate sleep plan for your child (including naps, bedtime, and night waking)

+      Information on how to avoid common struggles & pitfalls

+      One week of personal e-mail support. This is a great way to get quick answers to any questions that come up after you've had time to digest the information and put your plan into practice.

To inquire about dates and costs for Group Sleep Consultations, please e-mail Jamie@ohbabyconsulting.com


The Happiest Baby On The Block - Calming Colic

Besides loving their baby like crazy, new parents have two main jobs when it comes to caring for new babies: feeding them successfully and calming them when they cry. During this class, I will teach new and expectant parents an evidence based, step-by-step approach to help all newborns sleep longer and soothe even the fussiest baby in minutes...or less! This seminar includes:

+      Discussions about the missing Fourth Trimester and its role in causing colic

+      Education about The Calming Reflex - a previously unrecognized group of neonatal reflexes that can significantly reduce crying and increase sleep.

+      Demonstrations on how to correctly perform five simple steps that trigger the calming reflex (also known as "The 5 S's)

+      A parent kit for each attendee complete with The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD and Soothing Sounds CD ($40 retail value)

To inquire about dates and costs for Sleep Seminars, please e-mail Jamie@ohbabyconsulting.com


Developmental Seminars

Seminars and presentations available on a variety of developmental topics including:

+      Cognitive development during infancy and toddlerhood

+      Baby-led weaning

+      Managing tantrums

+      Potty training

+      Positive discipline

+      Physical milestones

+      ...and more!

To inquire about topics and costs for your special engagement, please e-mail Jamie@ohbabyconsulting.com


Speaking Engagements

In addition to working with families 1-on-1, I also partner up with organizations to provide education for parents. I offer classes and seminars to:

+      Corporate Offices

+      Pediatrician Offices

+      OBGYN offices

+      Nursery Schools

+      Daycares

+      New Mom's Groups

+      YOUR Institution

Please contact me for more information about booking a speaking engagement