Sleep packages

When you schedule a consultation with us, you will receive a personalized and detailed sleep plan for your child along with follow-up support and encouragement to ensure you are successful. Your family will sleep again! Read about Jamie’s Sleep Philosophy, and don’t forget to check out our Sleep Add Ons to for a VIP experience that will have everyone sleeping well in no time!

Newborn Baby Sleeping


( 0-3 Months )

"Sleep when the baby sleeps" is easier said than done! Oh Baby helps prepare expectant parents or parents of newborns up to four months of age figure out the “what now?” after baby arrives. We will discuss what to really expect when it comes to sleep (beyond what the books say), and you will learn how to instill healthy sleep habits in your little one from the beginning.

Infant Baby Asleep


( 4-18 Months )

This package is designed for parents of infants from 4-18 months and is perfect for babes who are ready to learn the lifelong skills necessary to be an independent sleeper. We will address your child’s sleep issues and I will provide a comprehensive sleep plan to work through them along with ongoing support. Get ready to take your nights back!

Toddler Sleeping

Toddler & Big Kid

( 18 Months & Up )

This option is for parents of children over 18 months who have trouble falling asleep at nap or bedtime or staying asleep during the night. There's no such thing as "too late" when it comes to helping your child build healthy sleep habits. If you're struggling with anything from poor napping, to unwanted co-sleeping, night terrors, or bedtime battles, this package is for you!

Adorable Baby In Blanket

Mini Consultations

Do you have a fairly good sleeper, but would still like some guidance or peace of mind? If your child is sleeping well already but you have general sleep questions or would like support around one particular issue (nap transitions, sleep regressions, life changes, etc.) this package is for you!