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Willow Breast Pump

You no longer have to hit "pause" in order to pump with this cordless, wearable breast pump! The Willow Pump senses your letdown and will automatically switch to expression phase based on you individual milk production. And you can track it all in real time on the Willow App. This pump is a total game changer!



Blackout EZ Window Covers

If you want to prevent short naps and early wakings, you must make sure your little one's room is totally dark! As an adult, we wake up when the sun creeps in as it's rising, take a look at the clock reading 5:30am, realize we still have some time left before our alarm (if we're lucky!), roll over and go back to sleep. Unfortunately, babies can't do that! We know that light inhibits melatonin production - the hormone that helps us sleep. To prevent sleep troubles, black-out curtains that keep outdoor light away are imperative.

There are a variety to choose from but my favorite are the Blackout EZ Window Covers as they are 100% blackout, easy to install, and affix directly to the windows. You can even keep any cute nursery drapery or curtains!

Blackout EZ Curtains

 Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

White noise is essential for colicky babies and can be super beneficial for blocking out ambient noise to keep your little one sleeping longer in the morning and during naps. If your little one is still waking for a night feed, you can adjust Hatch's light feature to emit a red glow that is gentle enough to not disrupt melatonin levels and help baby (and you) quickly fall back to sleep. The best part is, you can control all of its features from your smart phone with the corresponding app!