Newborn Sleep 101

Do you want to get off on the right foot when it comes to sleep? Having a baby does not mean that you will never sleep again. During this exclusive consultation, you will learn all about newborn sleep needs (beyond what the books say) and get tips on how to instill healthy sleep habits from birth. Armed with expert information, you will feel confident to tackle your newborn's first nights.


This package includes:

Sleeping Newborn

+      Private 60-minute consultation where we will discuss the sleep needs of newborns, how to establish a schedule, and strategies to correct your newborn’s internal clock. I will also give you tips on ways to help your newborn establish healthy sleep habits for life.

+      Nursery Audit where we will assess the room for light, sound, temperature, room set-up, and crib placement, and discuss recommendations to optimize the sleeping environment. (In-home only)

+      Discounts on future maintenance packages and customized plans.

*This package is purely educational and does not include follow-up support. If you are interested in a more thorough sleep assessment that includes customizable recommendations, please consider our Prenatal Newborn Package.




Investment: $99

Do you live in the Metro-Phoenix area? For an additional $75, I will come to your home to provide an in-person consultation.