Newborn Sleep Group


New mamas…this is for you!

Join my 12-week Facebook group and teach your newborn healthy sleep skills from the start. Surrounded by a community of dedicated parents who are all committed to raising superstar sleepers, you will feel confident knowing that you are helping your new bundle of joy get the rest they need.

The benefits of healthy sleep for newborns is priceless. Sleep is critical for physical, intellectual, and emotional development, not to mention you will get the rest you need to be your best self.

here’s What you’ll get:

+ Access to a private Facebook group (led by Jamie) with other parents of newborns 0-12 weeks

+ A detailed sleep plan with sleep education, goals, and strategies for newborn sleep success

+ Weekly sleep Q&As

+ Discounted one-on-one support as needed

+ Peace of mind knowing you are laying a strong foundation for your little one!

Here’s How it works:

1. Register for the next group, here.

2. Keep an eye on your email for an invoice + details about joining the Facebook group

3. Join the Facebook group and start meeting other new mamas (and dads, too!)

4. Visit the documents section of the group to download your copy of the newborn sleep plan.

5. Ask your questions each week on our weekly Q&A

6. Learn from a sleep expert and other parents committed to sleep success in the first 12 weeks.

7. Get the rest you need!

Investment: $150


NOTE: The acquisition of independent sleep skills is dependent on a number of factors. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that your child will be sleeping through the night in 12 weeks. Temperament, age, weight, sleep debt, and consistency of routine (among other things) all play a role in how easily sleep habits are picked up. It is possible that your child may require additional one-on-one services even after following the recommendations laid out for you in the Newborn Sleep Coaching Group. If your family would like additional support, I am happy to offer 20% off my Infant Sleep Package to ensure everyone is sleeping well long after the newborn stage.