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The Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make When Sleep Training On their own

It is not uncommon for families to come to me and insist they have tried everything to get their little one to sleep, had nothing work, and to assume their child just “will never be a good sleeper”. Without even knowing that child, I can assert with complete confidence that this is just not true. I know many adults who are not good sleepers, but childhood is a time where sleep is as close to perfect as it is going to get. After gathering their history, what they’ve tried, and the methods they’ve used, I can often quickly spot what went wrong and how some simple tweaks can make a drastic difference.

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Sleep Myths: Debunked!

When we are pregnant, we are inundated with advice, suggestions, and opinions by everyone from our loved ones to the cashier at the grocery store. While I’m sure everyone has the best intentions, this barrage of information can be overwhelming nonetheless. It’s a whirlwind of, “You should,” “You’ll want to,” and “You just have to.” If there’s no such number as kajillion, it should be created specifically to measure the number of suggestions a new mother hears in her first year of motherhood. So today I want to focus on my area of expertise – SLEEP – and try to dispel some of the more popular myths I’ve seen in parenting forums, heard in mom’s groups, or had angrily shouted at me in all caps in my Instagram DMs.

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