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Sleep Myths: Debunked!

When we are pregnant, we are inundated with advice, suggestions, and opinions by everyone from our loved ones to the cashier at the grocery store. While I’m sure everyone has the best intentions, this barrage of information can be overwhelming nonetheless. It’s a whirlwind of, “You should,” “You’ll want to,” and “You just have to.” If there’s no such number as kajillion, it should be created specifically to measure the number of suggestions a new mother hears in her first year of motherhood. So today I want to focus on my area of expertise – SLEEP – and try to dispel some of the more popular myths I’ve seen in parenting forums, heard in mom’s groups, or had angrily shouted at me in all caps in my Instagram DMs.

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How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Relationship

What is it about having an awful night’s sleep that makes everyone else so intolerable? It seems that way, doesn’t it? You have a night of interrupted, fitful, downright bad sleep and the next day people are driving like they don’t have their licenses, are jabbing incessantly in the Starbucks line before you’ve had your coffee, or are asking you the same work question that you’ve answered a dozen times already. Is the universe just messing with you? Maybe. But a more likely explanation is that your lack of sleep is making it impossible for you to react rationally to frustrating – and even mundane – situations.

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