The fourth trimester

While you may be ready to get your little one out of your belly and into the world, your baby may not share that fervor. The phenomenon that babies are born three months too soon has evolved to be known as “the forth trimester”. Their time in the womb is full of complex development, but during the first few months after birth, babies are still very immature and benefit from very specific care until they are mature enough to smile, coo, and become a full partner in their relationships. This consult will unpack the notorious fourth trimester and arm you with strategies to navigate the first confusing months of parenthood.



This package Includes:

+      A 90-minute private session where we will

-       Review what to expect from your infant during the 4th trimester

-       Discuss strategies for helping your little one adjust to life outside the womb

-       Go over the 5 S’s for soothing colic

-       Address the importance of self-care and support

-       Review developmental milestones typically seen in the first three months.

+     One week of follow-up support to address any lingering questions or concerns that come up after our time together. 

+      Oh Baby Tool Kit with even more information about the 4th trimester, developmental milestones, and resources.

+      Discounts on future sleep/lactation services.


This package is best for expectant parents who want to prepare for their new arrival or for new parents with babies under one month old.

Investment: $250

Do you live in the Metro-Phoenix area? For an additional $125, I will come to your home to provide an in-person consultation and in-home support.