Developmental COnsultations

Learning starts at home with the parent being a child's first teacher. This can seem daunting and pressure-filled, especially our comparative and competitive society. If you have questions about your child's development, are concerned about certain behaviors, believe they are not meeting their milestones, or are just generally curious about how to support your child during a specific developmental stage, you will find this package useful. During these consultations, my goal is to educate you on what is really going on for your child based on behavior you are experiencing. I will synthesize the information beyond what you can read on blogs or in books and give you practical suggestions to manage, support, and strengthen your child's skills all while gently guiding them through the developmental process.

Standard, Mini and Ongoing options available based on level of support needed.



Standard consultations:

+      Detailed questionnaire completed prior to our session. This will help me tailor our time together to address issues specific to you.

+      A 60-minute private session where we will

-       Review typical development for your child’s age

-       Address red flags that could indicate developmental delays

-       Discuss strategies to support your child’s growth and development

-       Review upcoming milestones

+      A thorough e-mail summary of our session including specific action plans as needed

+      Two-weeks of follow-up support via e-mail

+      Oh Baby Tool Kit full of activities (and descriptions of their developmental targets) for you and your little one.

Investment: $325

Do you live in the Metro-Phoenix area? For an additional $125, I will come to your home to provide an in-person consultation and in-home support.



Phone a Friend:

Don’t quite need a full consultation but have a questions and would like some guidance? I will be happy to provide support and recommendations via a one-time 30-minute phone call. Following our call, you will receive a comprehensive e-mail with:

+      A complete summary of what we discussed along with my recommendations and suggestions.

+      Specific action plans and resources as needed

+      A PDF version of the Oh Baby Tool Kit with developmentally appropriate and fun activities to do with your child.

Investment: $125



Ongoing Support

Wouldn't it be nice to have your own personal expert in child development on call to answer any questions that come up? Well close those 12 Google tabs because guess what? Now you can! With this exclusive monthly package you will receive:

+      One phone call per month, up to 45 minutes

+      Unlimited text & e-mail access during business hours

+      Monthly e-mails with developmental tips, tricks, and activities

+      Monthly auto-payment without obligation - can turn on and off as needed


Monthly payment: $250