Calming colic

Loving and bonding with our children is natural and intuitive for most parents but knowing how to parent them is a skill that takes experience and practice. The stress and exhaustion that many parents feel coupled with the fact that most of us are far away from our support systems can be overwhelming. Inconsolable crying is one of the largest stressors new parents experience and studies have shown that the exhaustion and stress that accompany this can lead to a host of serious issues including breastfeeding failure, postpartum depression/anxiety, and marital conflict. But colic is not inevitable and is certainly able to be resolved. As a Happiest Baby Educator, I specialize in helping parents learn about and manage colic symptoms - let me help show you how to soothe your baby’s crying in minutes…or less!


This Package Includes:

+      A 90-minute private consultation where we will

-   Discuss why colic occurs

-   Go over soothing strategies guaranteed to help calm your little one.

-   Review the correct way to swaddle your infant

-   Highlight how to create a womb-like environment in your own home.

+      The complete Happiest Baby Parenting Kit (including the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD and a CD of soothing sounds) to help you feel confident moving forward.

+      One week of follow up support via email to answer any questions that come up as your practice your new skills.

This package is designed for expectant parents and parents with children up to 12 weeks.

Investment: $250

Do you live in the Metro-Phoenix area? For an additional $125, I will come to your home to provide an in-person consultation and in-home support.